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Toimumisaeg 29.-31.jaan 2020
Toimumiskoht Dammstraße 68, 6922 Wolfurt, Austria
Lektor Dr. Stephan Lampl, Prof. Desigar Moodley, Dr. Nikola Podoleshov, Martin Lampl
Korraldaja Ortostuudio OÜ
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Speaking about tooth esthetics and restorations, patients frequently choose to either get a treatment option using a direct composite method or, in more severe cases, an indirect method using either ceramic or zirconia.
These methods are well known to both patients and dentists. Yet, there are disadvantages to these methods
such as discoloration, invasive tooth preparation and materials that do not provide natural comfort due to their hardness. Moreover, these techniques require additional steps like anesthesia, impressions, temporary restorations, etc. to finalize the treatment – not to mention the high costs for the dentists and patients.

Dr. Stephan Lampl and his edelweiss dentistry team are very proud to announce a great alternative to the above-mentioned methods. Our technology does not rely on additional equipment and extra costs. Instead we use pre-fabricated highly strengthened and modified nanohybrid material – exhibiting the natural characteristics of a tooth – that can be shaped and adjusted to the patients’ individual needs.

Edelweiss dentistry welcomes you to their Headquarters in Wolfurt, Austria and invite you to experience a novelty in the dental world. You will experience first-hand expertise from lectures, hands-on work-shops and live patient demonstrations and be able to interact on a one-on-one basis with speakers from all over the world.

Dear Doctor, we welcome you to the
edelweiss dentistry family!

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