MINEC Forum - Implantatsiooni ja Innovatsiooni Konverents

Toimumisaeg 29.-30.märts 2019
Toimumiskoht Swissotel, Tornimäe 3, Tallinn
Lektor Dr. Davide Farronato, dr. Marcus Engelschalk, dr. Dmitri Ruzanov, dr. Lauri Vahtra, dr. Kristina Saarepera, dr. Olev Salum
Korraldaja ProImplant OÜ
Osavõtutasu Konverents 29.-30.03.2019 2 päeva - 300€
1 päev - 180€.
Praktilised kursused - a´300€. Hinnad sisaldavad käibemaksu.
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KONVERENTSI TEEMA: Kohene Implantatsioon ja Suunatud Kirurgia



Dr Davide Farronato: Esteetilised väljakutsed kohesel koormamisel (Itaalia)
Dr Olev Salum: Piilari (abutmendi) pinnatekstuur ja puhtus (Eesti)
Dr Lauri Vahtra: Kohene implantatsioon koos hambajuure osalise säilitamisega (Eesti)
Dr Davide Farronato - Hands-on: Immediate load step-by-step - hands-on on pig jaw

Dr Marcus Engelschalk: Intraoraalne skaneerimine ja digitaalne töövoog. Juhitud Implantoloogia - R2Gate: diagnoosimisest raviplaanini. Intraoraalne skaneerimine R2Gate programmi järgselt – võimalused ja piirangud proteesimisel (Saksamaa)
Dr Kristina Saarepera: Väljakutsed ja edukas prognoos üksikul molaari implantaadil (Eesti)
Dr Dmitri Ruzanov: Digitaalne Proteetika (Eesti)
Dr Marcus Engelschalk - Hands-on: R2Gate from diagnosis to treatment planning. The intraoral scan with the AnyRidge implant system.


Lecture: In order to obtain a predictable and stable aesthetic outcome in frontal implants many are the rules that helps achieving the desired result . Researchers are worldwide investigating how to manage the main variables that affects tissue maturation around implants during time. In this presentation will be analyzed the complex interactions between these factors focusing especially on tissue biology and clinical observations both from a surgical and prostodontic point of view. Wide focus will be given to the immediate loading scenario in the aesthetic zone, according to specific limits and indications and taking care about the emergence profile managing in order to gain good control of the final result and it’s stability upon time.


- periimplant maturation pattern

- soft tissue grafting managing

- phenotype modulation in aesthetic zone and guidelines

- biomechanics actual knowledge

- immediate loading prosthesis tips and tricks

- managing the emergence profile and guidelines

- what’s new in periimplant tissue knowledge


Immediate load step-by-step - hands-on on pig jaw

- Managing implant primary stability

- Creating an immediate loaded prosthesis

- Managing the Emergence Profile

- Managing the Tissue Contour

Davide Farronato CV:

Born in Milan 18.06.1979. He graduated in Dentistry with maximum cum laude in Milan, has a PhD in “Innovative Techniques in Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthetic Rehabilitation“, specializes in Oral Surgery with laude. Active member of IAO (Italian Academy of Osseointegration), of MINEC (MegaGen International Network of Education and Clinical Research), founding member of the SISCOO (Italian Society of Specialists in Oral Surgery). He is Researcher (Assistant Professor) at the University of Insubria, Italy. He is an implant designer for multiple companies and his scienticic work is aimed at understanding the variables that affect the stability of peri-implant tissues in the long term.


Guided Implantology - R2Gate: from diagnosis to treatment planning

Digital implantology means a lot of advantages for the patient, surgeon and dentist. But the complex system of 3D x-ray and virtual planning of augmentation and implant position has to be easy and reliable in use. This lecture wants to pass on the basic principles of anatomy and diagnostic as well as on the concepts for partial and edentulous jaws. A guideline will be set up for the workflow from planning up to the surgery based on a digital workflow and guided surgery with the R2gate.

The intraoral scan after R2Gate – chances and limitations for the prosthetics.

Having the possibility to plan and perform the implant placement with the help of surgical guides and CBCT scans based on the R2GATE system, implantology can be become extremely predictable.

But putting it all together with the complete digital workflow for the final prosthetic reconstruction, things can get more complicated at the beginning for first time user.

This lecture will show the advantages and the hurdle to take during the prosthetic workflow based on an intraoral scan.

AnyRidge implants and the digital workflow based on the intraoral scan.

Intraoral scanning can be a huge advantage for the implant prosthetic. The possibilities of working tissue protective and on a high level of precision are only two of many advantages. Different tools are defining the potential of an implant system to set up an digital workflow. With AnyRidge different workflows for the intraoral scan are possible.

This can be done for the single crown as well as for multi-unit reconstructions and its presentation will open the world of intraoral scans and CAD/CAM based dentistry for the audience on the fields of implant prosthetic with MegaGen. Milling and printing will also be included in this lecture to round up the overview.

HANDS-ON: R2Gate from diagnosis to treatment planning. The intraoral scan with the AnyRidge implant system.

Implantology of today is driven by huge efforts made in the last years. So the immediate implant placement or the immediate provisional loading in edentulous jaws as well as the guided implant surgery have been proven to be highly successful.

1st part of the hands-on will focus on diagnosing and planning implant placement with R2Gate software:

• Diagnosing for a successful immediate placement and loading of implants based on guided surgery with the R2Gate system.
• How to evaluate resonance frequency (RSQ) and insertion torque value (ITV)
• How to manage impressions and model production
• The secrets of 3D images, their problems and possibilities.
• The possibilities of CAD/CAM based workflows for pre-operative implant planning,
• Manufacturing of guided surgical splints and prosthetic reconstructions.
• During practical part we will work with with computers to diagnose and plan implant placement with R2Gate
• Practical demonstration on handling R2Gate splint and the drill protocol for the AnyRidge System in different cases: as well as in a toothless jaw and in a tooth based situation.

2nd part of the hands-on will focus on workding with intraoral scanner:

• Handling of an intraoral scanner
• Strategies on handling different intraoral scanbodies
• Practical hints and tips
• This workshop will show the easiness of the intraoral scan
• Guidelines for digital workflow in the daily dental office
• How to create a predictable predictable and repeatable workflow

Marcus Engelschalk CV:

Dr. Engelschalk is a German dentist, specialized in the fields of oral surgery, implantology and implant prosthodontic based on CAD CAM and intraoral scan. He received his dental degree from the University of Würzburg, Germany and got his advanced and postgraduate education in oral surgery and laser in dentistry in Munich, Zurich and Aachen.

Since 2000 he is running a private dental office in Munich specialized in fixed prosthodontic and implantology and since 2012 together with Prof. Dr. Gonzales as a Center for Periodontology and Implantology limited to the fields of prosthodontic, implantology, periodontology and CAD/CAM technology.

In 2002 he became attending doctor in the Arabella Clinic, Munich with the consequence that the treatment spectrum was expanded to complex surgeries and oral rehabilitations and switched in 2015 to the isarAOP Surgical Center.

He has published scientific and clinic reports and given lectures in the topics of implant dentistry and laser therapy in national and international journals and meetings.

He is Chairman of MINEC Germany and actively participating as an editorial member of two journals for implantology and computerized dentistry.

Additionally he is an opinion leader as well as a national and international speaker for dental industries focused on implantology and prosthetic solutions as well as digital intraoral scans and CAD CAM workflows.

He is a member of International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine (IADDM)

OSAVÕTUTASUD: Loeng: 2-päeva 300€. 1-päev 180€.  Hands-on: 300€

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Dr Engelschalki ja Dr Farronato loengud on inglise keeles, teised lektorid loevad eesti keeles. Suure nõudluse korral võimalik organiseerida kogu programm sünkroontõlkega vene keelde.

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