Implantology and prosthodontics on implants


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Toimumisaeg: 18.05.2018 (R) - 19.05.2018 (L)
Lektor: Dr. Dmitri Ruzanov
Korraldaja: Med Grupe OÜ
Täiendustunde:9 (1TT=45min)
1190,00 €
The participants will get all course material to bring home:
Nissin model block with 2 implants and healing abutments

Straumann model for prosthetics with:
crown on individual abutment and Ti- base

full contour crown on Ti-base
posterior 3-unit bridge on Ti-bases

590,00 € (without course material to be taken home)
Lisainfo:Registration: / (+372) 56695443,5288880, 5082159

Course language: Estonian
Koolituse sisu:

Course program

1 day. Surgery.
You will know:
the financial aspects of implant treatment; arguments to motivate patients to go for implant treatment;
parameters to chose implants;
implant placement protocols;
surgical difficulties that can appear; recommendations for patients after the surgery.

You will learn:
to plan implant placement surgery; to analyze X-ray pictures;
to open a flap;
to place bone level implants;
to choose closure screws and healing abutments; to sew.

2 day. Prosthetic.
You will know:
criteria showing oseointegrated implant; decision making algorithms;
variety of prosthetic components;
use of individual abutments;
differences between screw retained and cement retained prosthetics;
benefits of single crowns compared to bridges.

You will learn:
to chose right restorative components and handle them;
to take closed tray and open tray impressions;
to individualize impression posts (transfers);
to fixate final restorations.

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