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About Hambaarst.ee

Hambaarst.ee, the first Estonian Dental Web Portal ('hambaarst' means 'dentist' in Estonian) has several purposes:

  • to provide dental care specialists with articles on various dental topics and to share dental news from all around the world
  • to instruct patients in proper oral hygien
  • to encourage Internet-based communication between dentists and patients
  • to inform dental specialists about new dental products and technologies
  • to offer dental equipment manufacturers and resellers an effective and inexpensive way to promote their products
  • to keep an always up-to-date register of Estonian dentists and dental companies to help patients find the best dental care provider in suitable area

The webportal is free for all users. Free registration is required to gain access to dental articles, product introductions and special offers. Although available for everyone, the registration is mainly intended for dental specialists. The purpose of the registration is to collect information about the interests and informational needs of the dental specialists for portal development purposes.

The register of Estonian dental companies and dentists contains various data about dental service providers: contact information, list of dentists working in the company. All the information about dental service providers can be changed by the themselves any time (annual fee is required to be paid to get access to web-based data administration module).


Sitemap of Hambaarst.ee


  • Dental News
    Dental news from all over the world for patients and dentists
  • Register of dental companies and dentists
    Information about 490 dental companies (almost 99% of all Estonian dental companies) and about 1000 dental specialists.
  • Articles for patients
    Dental articles (over 200) for patients, mainly focused on different forms of dental care and diseases. Access to articles is free for everyone.
  • Articles for dental specialists
    Thorough articles (over 200) for dental specialists. One section of articles provides also product introductions. Accessible only for registered users.
  • Dental Products
    These pages provided by different brand names in dental products business: 3M ESPE, DürrDental, Heraeus Kulzer, Voco, KerrHawe etc. Each company can show in its own products section as many different pages as wanted.
  • Dental forums for registered users (restricted access) and patients (free access)
  • Events and training
    A calendar of dental fairs, meetings, events etc in Estonia and abroad
  • Stomatology dictionary
    Dictionary of the most common dental terms (intended mainly for patients)
  • Graphical statistics about registered users by status, education and location (IN ENGLISH!).
  • Virtual dentist
    Common board for patients to ask the dental questions they dare to ask in dentist's office. In the role of 'Virtual Dentists' are leading Estonian dental specialists
  • Message board
    Dental equipment for sale/buy and job offers. Registered user can post their messages on board directly, messages from unregistered users need editor's approval.
  • Dentistry-related gallups
  • Fun pages:

Searching options:

  • Search a word in one or in all sections of Hambaarst.ee

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Additional Information

Magnum DentalHambaarst.ee is an official publication of Estonian Dental Association and is powered by Magnum Dental Ltd. If you have any questions and suggestions regarding Hambaarst.ee, please contact register@hambaarst.ee