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Toimumisaeg: 13.10.2011 (N) - 14.10.2011 (R)
Toimumiskoht:Maillefer koolituskeskus Šveitsis, Väljaspool Eestit
Lektor: Dr. Giuseppe Cantatore
Korraldaja: Magnum Dental AS 
Lisainfo:dental@magnum.ee tel:6501 945, 6501 946, 7371647
Koolituse sisu:

(2 days of courses and workshops including a visit around the Dentsply-Maillefer factory).

These courses and workshops are made for advanced professionals (already users of NiTi rotary systems). The course will take place in our state-of-the art Training Center in Ballaigues, Switzerland. The working place ensures a comfortable working environment with microscopes and video screen allowing participants to follow the lecture and demonstrations, and obviously with all the new material and technology for a modern Endodontic. 

These 2 days of courses will be mainly a practical workshop with use of microscopes, ultrasonic, NiTi rotary systems, retreatment with files, ultrasonics retreatment method, repairing with MTA, filling techniques (Thermafil, obturators system...), as well as the new reciprocating single file technique: WaveOne. 

*Participants will have to bring material and must bring prepared teeth (information will be sent after registration).

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Teised sarnased koolitused
08.10.2011 (L)
Väljaspool Eestit
Adult Treatment
07.10.2011 (R)-
08.10.2011 (L)
Väljaspool Eestit
A Contemporary Approach to Dentofacial Orthopedics. How and When to Treat Skeletal and Dental Anomalies
Lektor(id): Prof. Dr. Tiziano BACCETTI
21.10.2011 (R)
Kofferdam hambaravis (hands-on kursus)
Lektor(id): dr Veiko Vengerfeldt
21.10.2011 (R)-
22.10.2011 (L)
Labial and Lingual Orthodontic Course 2011
Lektor(id): Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta
20.10.2011 (N)-
21.10.2011 (R)
Stomatoloogiliste haiguste radiodiagnostika
Lektor(id): emeriitprofessor Edvitar Leibur
20.10.2011 (N)
Adult orthodontics: Interdisciplinary approch in the management of pre-prosthetic cases
Lektor(id): Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta
15.10.2011 (L)
Eesti Õdede Liidu hambaraviõdede seltsingu koolituspäev
Lektor(id): dr T.Jagomägi jt
14.10.2011 (R)
Hammaste direktne restaureerimine komposiitidega (hands-on kursus mudelitel)
Lektor(id): dots Mare Saag
13.10.2011 (N)
Ortodontia hambaarstidele
Lektor(id): dotsent Rita Nõmmela
11.10.2011 (T)
Näo-lõualuude anomaaliad
Lektor(id): dr Marianne Soots